Installing Excel Solver on MS Excel Office 2007

Excel Solver is a Excel tool that allows you to find optimal solutions for mathematical optimization problems. It works best for linear and often convex problems. In order to use the tool you must first activate it. The following tutorial uses the English version of Microsoft Office 2007

Start Microsoft Office Excel 2007. The following will display:

Blankt excel-ark

Click the Excel Office button, i.e., the large round button in the upper left corner. This brings up the main menu, which once was called the “File Tab”:

Excel Office button

From here, click “Excel Options”, this brings up the following:

Excel Options

From the “Excel Options” panel. Select the tab “Add-Ins” on the left and look for “Solver Add-in” in the list of “Inactive Application Add-ins”. It should look something like:

Excel Options Add-in

Make sure it says “Excel Add-ins” on the drop down menu next to “Manage”. If you click “Go …” the following window will appear:


Ensure that the “Solver Add-in” is checked and click “OK”. After this you may have to answer the following dialog:

Add-in not installed

If this pops up simply select “Yes”. A installation window will appear:

Add-in Installer

This may take a few seconds, and you might be prompted for your Excel DVD. After this you’re done and will find the new button “Solver” under the “Data” tab.

Excel Sovler button

Clicking on the “Solver” button will make the tool’s graphical user interface appear:

Excel Solver

In order to actually use the tool, you may take a look at this example from Microsoft .

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